Choosing Rack Rentals From Different Vendors

If you would like to further your IT career by pursuing a CCIE so that you can manage Cisco equipment in the future, you need to have hands-on experience in operating Cisco equipment. Perhaps, for Network Engineers and Administrators, this isn’t a problem anymore since one of their daily tasks includes handling and operating Cisco routers. However, if you’re not so lucky to be in this kind of position, this can be a real problem to you. This is where cisco rack rentals come in.

For so many years now, several online based companies have started and still continue to fill in the increasing demand in the market. Many businesses on the Internet have begun to supply CCIE aspirants with rack rentals to help broaden their knowledge base, thus increasing the chances of passing the certification. With the vast selection of rack rental providers available today, the competition heightens since students already have the choice of which one to avail. As a result, many rack rental service providers make their prices as reasonable as possible to attract more CCIE students.

Although choosing low-priced rental services can be a great help to you, it’s not the only factor you should consider. You need to widen your search of the best CCIE rack rental you can possibly get. One way you can effectively do this is by comparing the configuration and features of the rack rentals as well as the additional services the vendor provides. It’s important that the service provider you choose will be readily available to answer your questions and concerns at some point. Check whether the service includes this since some vendors will give out contact details like email where they can send their response to your questions.

More advanced certifications like that of CCIE require additional equipment needed for a more comprehensive training. Minimum number may take up to 10 routers instead of only three in non-CCIE certification. The price range will also vary with those taking up CCIE since they will need more devices for communications that are more expensive. Be sure to check the version of the Cisco IOS device as well as other equipment that will let you do what you attempt to practice.

You will also benefit from some online rack rental vendors that provide a comprehensive list of their devices with versions on it to give you a better outlook on their products. Doing the search of which rack rental services to get can be a really difficult task especially in today’s market. Every day, there seems to be new dealers of rack rentals competing with the already established and well-known CCIE rack rental service providers. This makes the selection even more challenging, but one should be up to take these difficulties because these are all part of CCIE test taking procedure.

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How CCIE Online Training Can Help You Boost Your Score In CCIE Examination

CCIE online training is the best way to practice for your CCIE examination. Why to go for an online course and not offline bootcamps? Well, the answer to this question is very simple. Online training provides you with time flexibility and more than one individual can learn from it by purchasing online kits whereas bootcamps does not offer any such advantage. To attend a bootcamp training program, you need to spend a lot of money. If you have good financial sources, then surly you can go for it but if not then online programs hold equal importance and serves the same knowledge and skills through CCIE instructors and CCIE rack.


Advantages of CCIE Online Training over Offline Bootcamps

A large percentage of candidates that are willing to take CCIE training programs are usually working professionals. So their priority is to choose an online medium to prepare for CCIE exam. With the advent of technology, there are various online vendors providing mimicked CISCO online labs. These labs offer identical software and hardware configurations, which are used to evaluate your performance during the actual CCIE exam. They are affordable and you don’t have to travel anywhere to attend them. It’s readily available. However booking your session time is a prerequisite.


Be a Good Learner

CCIE certification is world renowned and most prestigious certificate course. Having the certificate raises your job opportunities as well as good salary package. Your meticulous dedication and hard work is the only key to success here. You have to be a good learner and possess networking skills to be able to understand the vast curriculum and syllabus. Also, even after achieving the certification, you need to keep updating yourself with the latest networking issues and their troubleshooting mechanism to recertify yourself after 2 years. That is the reason only a small percentage of people have been able to be successful in these exams.

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Cisco Rack Rentals – The Secret towards Cisco Certification

Cisco certification is a test of analytical skills involving internetworking. It is highly regarded as the most prestigious examination an IT expert must pass through if he wants to boost his career and revenue.  Apart from attending Cisco training classes, many have decided to go for Cisco rack rentals and set up their very own laboratory at home. Unfortunately, these needed racks are not affordable and almost not everyone is given the opportunity to work on one. But to those who are lucky enough to have adequate money for them to master their skills, Cisco rack rentals are definitely great.

Now if you want to really ensure that you master the skills and to prepare yourself from the Cisco examination, you have to find a good company that provides quality Cisco rack rentals at a reasonable price. These equipments are really expensive and would really need you to spend a lot of money if you want a guaranteed success.

In finding a good company, there are several points you have to check:

Price. Though it may really be expensive, there are still some vendors who provide reasonably-priced equipments which will give you the capacity to save some money. But you have to be very careful not to trust those “cheap” services as hidden problems might bump your way, which may compromise your experience in mastering the actual internetworking.

Qualification. Are the people who run the company has the CCIE certification, too? No one may be able to provide you the best services but those who have gone through the training and have received their certification.

Materials. Are the materials and equipments being provided up to date? Of course, you wouldn’t like to receive old workbooks and equipments which may not be able to keep up with the current internetwork. Always remember that the technology is being updated in a timely manner and these equipments must be able to keep up with the current updates of the internetwork.

These are the top 3 things you have to check when finding a good company that provides Cisco rack rentals. Do not let an irresponsible business compromise the services you wish to receive in order for you to be able to have your Cisco certification.

Remember, no matter how you’ve memorized the workbook, or how much you have etched in your heart the theories, these will never be enough. You have to thoroughly expose yourself with the actual internetworking as this is a part of the examination, so finding a good company that provides quality and reasonably-priced Cisco rack rentals.

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CCIE Security Lab Exam: An Overview

The CCIE Security lab exam is designed to test candidates on their practical knowledge and troubleshooting skills at expert-level. As the name suggests, this particular track specialization covers network security on various subjects such as IOS, IDS, and ASA among others. During the lab exam, candidates are given eight hours to go through each scenario where particular specifications are given and they must be able to configure secure networks to meet these specifications. Like with the other tracks in Cisco’s CCIE family of certifications, a candidate needs to earn at least 80% of the total number of points given for this examination in order to pass.

Preparing for the CCIE Security Lab Exam


Preparing for this particular exam requires a lot of time and money. The standards and blueprints of the CCIE Security lab exam are regularly updated, so it’s not a good idea to rely on hand-me-down learning materials. Up-to-date workbooks and practice labs are easily available if you know where to look. Signing up for CCIE boot camps and other training options offered by reputable training vendors is always a wise idea. It may not come cheap, but it is worth it once you are able to pass for the certification. Self-study is also a good option. Learning materials and workbooks can be purchased on their own and one can also build a home rack or rent a professional rack in order to be able to get some hands-on practice to prepare for the actual lab exam.


Most candidates log a minimum of 1,000 hours of lab time in order to prepare for the exam. This number can rise or fall depending on the candidate’s existing practical knowledge. There are several topics covered in the exam and each topic has a long list of sub-topics that a candidate needs to learn for the exam. What makes the CCIE Security lab exam extra difficult, is that the candidate does not know what topic he or she will be given until the day of the exam. This is why it’s important to understand all the concepts covered by the exam, and being able to log more than enough lab hours makes it possible to learn and practice how to perform these tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Taking the Test


The lab exam is the 2nd part of a 2-part test. While the written exam is important, candidates pay more attention to the lab exam because this is where majority of the candidates fail. In fact, a lot of candidates don’t pass until their 3rd or 4th try. The lab exam lasts for eight hours excluding the one hour lunch break. There are proctors present to observe and award points for each task. The on-site proctors evaluate the candidate’s performance, but the final evaluation is done by a trained proctor who determines whether or not the configurations made by the candidate are correct. The results are released 48 hours after the exam and are available online.


The CCIE tests candidates at expert-level which makes a certification in any one of the 8 CCIE tracks a most coveted achievement. Preparing for the CCIE Security lab exam can be a grueling experience, but passing the test is well worth the sacrifice.


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Why CCIE Practice Labs are Important

Logging in more hours on CCIE practice labs is a very effective way to ensure that you know what you’re doing come testing day. A lot of people breeze through the written exam, only to freeze on the hands-on lab tests. One of the reasons this happens is that people tend to memorize possible scenarios and procedures found in the mock test section of their lab workbooks. The thing is, no one knows what topic, scenario, or protocol will be thrown at them until the day of the exam, so in the case of the lab exam, memorizing what you’ve read doesn’t really work. Instead, study the concepts carefully and practice with different scenarios until you get the hang of it. CCIE practice labs can also be a great tool for self-evaluation. Once you’re confident that you’ve mastered a protocol or a topic, use the practice lab to simulate the actual test and time yourself while performing one of the mock tests in the CCIE workbook.


Why do we need CCIE Practice Labs?


Candidates study long and hard before the actual test. Logging in a lot of lab hours can help a candidate feel at ease with the equipment and make as many mistakes as they can in order to get the questions right. The dreaded CCIE lab exam is meant to test the candidate’s practical knowledge, so it’s only logical that one needs to put all the theories and concepts they’ve learned to practice way before the actual exams.


Logging Valuable Lab Hours


In order to log the necessary lab hours needed to understand and apply what a candidate has learned, he or she needs a workbook and access to a rack to practice on. A lot of training vendors offer workbooks and other training materials for each of the CCIE’s 8 tracks. The racks, however, are a different story. A candidate can get access to CCIE practice labs by renting racks in 4-6 hour blocks or by building their own rack at home. Purchasing components and building a home rack is quite cost-efficient, especially for people who intend to log some serious lab hours. The only setback to this is that the home rack usually doesn’t have the same configurations as the ones used in the actual exam, but candidates can use that to their advantage and learn how to improvise. Rack rentals on the other hand, give you a more accurate representation of what to expect during the actual lab exam. The rentals can be quite expensive, though, as rack time is rented in 4-6 hour blocks and completing the ideal 1,000 hours of lab time can run the bill up quite high. There are some providers, however, that offer longer and more flexible time blocks, which makes this a good option for those who are balancing work and studying for the CCIE exams.


The better prepared you are for the CCIE lab exams, the better your results will be, no matter what topic they throw at you on exam day. Just make sure that you set aside ample time for CCIE practice labs and make the most out of your study and practice sessions in order to get a desirable outcome come testing day.


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Be Prepared to Enter a CCIE Practice Lab

CCIE Practice Labs come to be available to aspirants who would like to receive a certification that will open their door to opportunities they have been looking forward to since time immemorial. Several aspirants have visited several CCIE practice lab in order for them to master the skills. Unfortunately, some who do not have any idea what CCIE is are willing to shell out some cash in order for them to become expert on internetworking. Well, though it is basically “okay” to visit a CCIE practice lab without any formal training with regards to internetworking, it would surely be an issue as everything will be delivered to an aspirant who has no idea of what CCIE is all about, given the fact that the training will only last for several months. Skills required in order to pass the CCIE certification may not be acquired within just the training period as this is very intricate, thus, years of experience should be spent in order for an aspirant to become a successful CCIE. It would really be better if an aspirant will have a decent “idea” what CCIE is in order for him to be able to keep up with the people he will spend time during the training period.


CCIE Practice Labs are definitely willing to train aspirants towards success, but no matter how dedicated they are in guiding one on their way to the pedestal, being a CCIE requires several efforts coming from a student, too. Some sacrifices are needed, such as spending time reading workbooks and several materials, spending some money for CCIE rack rental, and so on. The CCIE examination is never easy that is why it should never be taken for granted, or time, money and effort (not just by the student but the instructors and proctors from your chosen CCIE practice lab as well) will only be wasted. Spending some dollars and attending few weeks of training will not guarantee one to being a CCIE at the end of the day. It is not an easy thing to acquire and if you are over-confident about such matter, he might be flabbergasted in the end that he has not attained anything at all.


If you do not have enough drive, how will you be able to understand all the things needed to be learned? Why do you have to waste a lot of money if you are lacking passion?


If you really want to be able to become a CCIE, then attend a formal education and become an IT specialist first. In that way, you will have an idea what internetworking is, as it is what Cisco is primarily offering. A CCIE practice lab’s training should only be attended to in case you think you are really ready for the examination you need to take in order for you to become a CCIE.

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CCIE Security Certification Advantages

There’s no other same as prestigious and same as respected global IT networking certification one could get, than the CCIE certification. CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. When one becomes CCIE certified, they become recognized as a top notch specialist in networking engineering with an advanced field knowledge level, while getting specialized in various Cisco networking products and solutions with all the needed skills to deal with them. Same as a lot of other Cisco certifications, CCIE certification is globally recognized, so it doesn’t matter where you live and work, you may benefit greatly from this certification anywhere.


In case you are already a holder of any of the Cisco Professional level certifications, especially in the networking security area, then there are virtually no obstacles that can keep you from pursuing the CCIE Security certification, which will basically be an advance to your current Cisco certification. However, the CCIE certification is not that simple to get. Moreover, just a few top-level networking professionals in the world actually possess the certification. It certainly requires tons of determination and effort.


Although you get a rock-solid guarantee for a successful career after getting the CCIE Security certification, you must acknowledge how crucial is this specific industry niche that you have chosen for your career. Almost all large companies around the world are highly dependent upon networking infrastructures to keep their operations up and running. Thus, they don’t just need a person that would find the best networking solutions possible to offer the top services to their clients and maintaining a healthy functioning, but they also require a constant and secure access to the vital data and information through their networking infrastructure.


Considering how sensitive are the information databases joined in these networks and the way the networking infrastructure itself is functioning, its protection becomes even more significant, than any other factor related to the business. The networking may be incredibly convenient, but it can also be subject to a lot of different risks, such as stealing of intellectual property rights and hacker attacks, bugs, and malicious software. This is the primary reason why companies around the entire world are looking the best possible IT networking experts, who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to protect networking infrastructures.


There are not many certifications that could offer a real guarantee to your potential customers and employers. CCIE Security certification is one of them. This particular certification approves your capability of protecting networking infrastructures using advanced security techniques and installing the Intrusion Prevention System in a reliable, steady manner. CCIE Security certification as well verifies that you are capable of managing a security access system to assure that only the trusted individuals have access to the system. Every single employer that has a serious attitude towards their company’s assets would prefer hiring a CCIE Security certified specialist over any other candidate, even with an amazing record and incredible skills.




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