Some Information about CCIE Security Exams

If you’re already a recognized networking security expert, there’s probably nothing in the world that could keep you from getting the CCIE Security certification. This will be an innovative stage for your current qualification. CCIE (abbr. for Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert) certification is one of the top rewards from Cisco Corporation and there are just a few specialists around the world that actually have been certified with it.


CCIE certifications are considered to indicate the top skills in the networking. Those that have been certified in CCIE Security are versed in installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of network protection. By going through CCIE Security training, candidates get the skills and qualification in the top notch network security. Since the CCIE certification is globally recognized, CCIE Security experts can look for or even get opportunities of employment in the market’s top organizations. CCIE Security not just provides theoretical network security comprehension, but as well helps to attain laboratory/hands-on experience through the use of real equipment that is used in particular situations. Therefore, CCIE Security certification is considered as one of the top Cisco certifications, upon the receipt of which the experts will be able to implement various solutions in the most complex environment.


CCIE Security Requirements


There are no particular criteria to be eligible for CCIE Security certification. Candidates must pass the written exam first and then go on to complete the lab exam, which is the hardest part of the process. If the candidate successfully passes both written and lab exams, they will receive the CCIE certification within a month or four weeks. After becoming a certified CCIE Security graduate, the candidate can use their new qualifications to improve their resume and boost their career by hitting the top positions in the multinational global companies. Below are suggested several things you might need to get the CCIE Security certification.


As it was mentioned previously, candidates must pass the written exam and then the lab exam, where completion of the written exam is a prerequisite condition for the lab examination.


Stage 1: Written Exam


The written exam is a two hour test. The exam fee is about $350 for an attempt. Candidates can access this exam on the web. Written exam is administered by Pearson VUE. This exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions. The passing score ranges from 300 to 1000 points. Just after the successful completion of the written exam, candidates are admitted to the lab exam.


Stage 2: Lab Exam


Laboratory exam continues for eight hours. Candidates must take the lab exam within 12 months after passing the written exam. If candidates don’t manage to do it within the provided term, they will have to pass the written exam once again. CCIE Security lab exam is one of the most expensive Cisco exams, costing about $1,400 per effort, including travel and lodging.




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